Palette 1.2

Customize your Leopard Dock


  • Set transparency
  • Set 2D/3D Dock
  • Choose different icons


  • Still Beta, still buggy


Another Dock changer for Leopard, you'll think. True but Palette also offers a bit more, such as icon and menu bar customization. You can drag and drop new icons straight into the interface and change the Dock color and transparency thanks to a color palette and a slider bar. Palette also includes a 'Restore original Dock' button just in case you don't like the changes you've made. Another cool feature taking into account the new Leopard technology is stacks customization. Not only can you change the icon for each stack but you can even set them to stay on top each other.

Palette is nothing revolutionary, but it's a good tool to customize Leopard. The real issue with it is that, since it's still in Beta, the application is somewhat buggy and can act weird every so often. Use it a your own risk.

Still in Beta, Palette is a simple tool to customize your Dock, stacks and icons in Leopard.

Palette lets you easily change your Dock color and aspect, your Menubar tint and helps you customizing your stack icons on Mac OS 10.5. It is as easy as drag and drop.


  • Change you Dock color and aspect.
  • Import designs with drag and drop.
  • Setup custom stacks icons that stay on top of others
  • Change your Apple menubar color tint



Palette 1.2

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